Gorgeous Celebs With Small Breasts

Breast augmentation is the leading form of cosmetic surgery for women, but this just goes to show that having a “perfect C cup” isn’t everything. Here are some gorgeous celebrities rocking A’s and B’s.

Natalie Portman

Debra Messing

Kate Hudson

Kiera Nightley

The Olsen Twins

Kate Bosworth

Cameron Diaz

Rachel Bilson

Julia Stiles

Ali Larter

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11 thoughts on “Gorgeous Celebs With Small Breasts

  1. Small can be beautiful! I used to wear padded bras in high school because I thought no boys would think I was pretty with my naturally small ones. My mom (haha- totally reliable source, right?) told me she heard that 40% of men prefer smaller breasts, which relieved me a bit and I did start wearing more natural bras as I matured. Then I started dating the guy who is now my husband, and he loooves small breasts and describes anything larger than a C as “scary” and not attractive to him. Thank goodness! Don’t be insulted, beautiful bigger-breasted ladies- I’m just glad that a few guys, even if it’s a minority, actually prefer rather than settle for something often considered inadequate. It’s adequate for them!

  2. Small busted women rock! I don’t know why there are fascination on big breasts. Small breasts are still breast and they are still normal and functioning! Why maltreat them with surgery when they are perfectly normal?! Take note with these celebrities as they exude elegance and beauty, so why shouldn’t you? Also, there are push up or gel bras out there. So, those whom (small busted or not) who like to have a bust boosting breast, there are bras specifically designed for the small busted. Don’t compare yourself to others as small busted women have options and choices to be small or to be big. And that’s how a bra comes along and not surgery.

  3. Great blog post! I’m so glad that there is someone else who appreciates smaller breasts. I think they look so cute on women. And Jamie Saunders, I agree with your last sentence. There are so many options for women with small boobs if they want a bigger look, not just surgery. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. I used to be so insecure about having tiny ones until I was brought to reality by my aunt who had a double masectomy due to breast cancer. Now…I am happy with what I have!

  5. During my teen years I always wanted to have bigger breasts, but now (in my twens) I love my small A Cup boobs and wouldnt trade them for larger ones.
    (Although I always wear a bra, its nice to know that i dont HAVE TO wear them. And my boobs dont bounce up and down all the time. Thats nice too. Not to mention having the CHOICE to upgrade or downgrade -padded gel bras etc.-.)

  6. yes! small size rocks! I also have come to love my size… and appreciate those women who can dress so well for their bodies ;)

    although I think kate hudson recently had augmentation done… i don’t think it was really necessary because she’s so gorgeous! to each their own i suppose :)

  7. I love this! Every guy I’ve ever known has been in love with Kiera Knightly. I think Rachel Bilson and Rachel McAdams are in that category too.

    Annnd just so you know, Gaga was fantastic! I’ll be doing a review for my blog sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled ;)

  8. Thanks for this, Ashley!

    I wear a B-cup, and I don’t own a single padded bra. I try really hard to be confident in my shape, but sometimes it’s an uphill battle. It’s so nice to see the small-chested ladies get some love.

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