Role Models & Miss America

The other day I was watching Miss America, and I got to thinking about role models (no, not the movie), and then I started wondering about who are the most looked up to public figures these days. It seems that a lot of younger people are choosing role models who don’t appear to want to be role models.  People look up to them for their success, fame, money, and power. When I think of this, I automatically think of Britney Spears, because she was the “it” woman girls aspired after between 1999 to about a couple years ago when Gaga started taking over popular culture. When Britney first came into the scene, she appeared sweet and sincere with an innocent sex appeal, and I clearly remembered watching her being interviewed saying how she loved that she was looked up to by young girls and teens. Well that didn’t take long to change because she quicky realized how much pressure that put her under and she took that statement back, saying that she didn’t want to be seen as a role model anymore, even though there was never really much she could do to control that. It didn’t really surprise me that she did this, maybe a smart move on her part even, considering that it was around the same time that she started in with the risque wardrobe and photoshoots,  sexually charged songs with music videos to match, controversial stunts, and questionable behavior that put her under mush scrutiny and in no shape to be put on a pedastal as a role model. After the likes of Britney came many other Hollywood stars who tried to disclaim any moral responsibility to set good examples, because they knew they were going to screw it up, and they didn’t care.

What does this have to do with Miss America? Well with Miss Americas along with all hopefuls who compete for the title, these women want to be role models and they dedicate themselves to providing as nothing but positive examples. They do so by getting a good education, a promising career, and these women have purposes in life, goals they want to achieve, and they are active in volunteering their time and efforts to nonprofit organizations. They don’t just pretend to be good role models on the surface and then do what they want behind closed doors. They follow through in their personal lives as if all eyes are on them every minute of the day, which isn’t too far from the truth. They do it because they want to and they don’t complain that they don’t get to go out and party hard like their friends. Now this is not to say that they are perfect. Miss Americas will make mistakes just as every other human. They shouldn’t be expected to be flawless, which is part of the reason why so much aniticipation to dig up dirt on pageant queens is becoming popular recently. The important thing is that if they make a mistake, they own up to it, take full responsibility for it, and learn from it. Generally speaking, Miss America is the total package and is loyal to setting positive examples. This is why I admire her and I think more attention should be payed to women like this. These are the women we should be seeing more in headlines. Anyone can make news by doing something “shocking” and odd, like wearing a meat dress, going to rehab, or kissing Madonna, and I think it’s crazy we see that as worthy of so much attention these days.

Feel free to discuss what you think about Miss America, role models of today, and if you want tell us who you look up and why.

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6 thoughts on “Role Models & Miss America

  1. I’m not a fan of any of these kinds of pageants. I watched part of it, but I just couldn’t get into it. I feel like these girls want to be role models, but there’s so much more than can do, like volunteer and do things in their community, than to get on TV and strut around.

    • Nic, thanks for your comment. Pageant queens of all kinds do a lot of volunteering and community service. Check out our current Miss America’s bio: and she’s only 17.

      Also, go to and click on the link for more info on some of those girls and you can see that they have done a lot of work to help others and make an impact on the world and issues they care about.

      I was actually 1st runner up to being Miss Indiana International back in October and I didn’t win because the girl who beat me had more community service under her belt than I did, this is what the director personally told me. Once a girl is crowned Miss whatever, they immediately are booked for tons of charity events and public speaking appearances at schools and other organizations. They are extremely busy through the whole year of their reign. And it’s not really your fault that you probably didn’t know about what a lot of these women do, because there’s not much value placed on good things that people do. They are too busy watching what new scandal has broke out and that is what makes mainstream media for all to see, and Miss America’s acomplishments take a back seat.

    • Thank you! I’m always wondering how well my blogs are followable. Sometimes I feel like I leave out too many details, but once I put them in there, it seems to long and drawn out. It’s good to get some feedback on that, so thanks! :-)

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