I would like to thank the blogging academy.

I was recently notified via comment that blogger Old Dog New Tits has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am psyched especially since this is my very first award for this blog ever.

I don’t think anyone can argue that my blog isn’t versatile. I wrote about topic of all kinds, from serious, to light, to controversial, to writing, to personal, inspirational, and everything in between. I have wondered on and off about whether or not I should narrow down the topics a little bit and make things a little bit more specific and focused, but I realized there’s no way I can do that since there is just too much I like to write about. This blog is a means for me of self expression for me, and there are many different facades to who I am, so one day I might post about something like domestic violence and the next day I might write about going shopping. That’s just me.

Now with this award, there comes a few requirements.

*Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
Each of these blogs are just awesome and you should check them out.

Random Ruminations
Brute Reason

* Inform the bloggers of their nominations.
I will be doing so right after this post is published.

* Share 7 random things about yourself.
– I have taken the MBTI test and my results are either INTJ or INTP
– I have pretty bad eye sight. I started wearing glasses at age 7. My power is currently -8.50 in both eyes.
– When I was little I used to idolize Punky Brewster.
– I grew up on a small farm in the middle of corn fields. We had cows.
– I take naps almost daily.
– I can crack my knuckles, toes, back, and knee joints.
– I almost never wear regular clothes at home unless I am planning to go somewhere. As soon as I hit to door, the clothes come off and my pjs come on.

* Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Thanks again to Old Dog New Tits for the nomination, and thanks for reading!

* Add the Versatile Blog Award logo on your blog post.

Hoping everyone is having a great holiday!

Love, Ashley

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20 thoughts on “I would like to thank the blogging academy.

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    • it all so eloquently. Has it been five years? So long ago such a short time ago tislmees. Seems like yesterday in many ways. You have such grace and wisdom, for one so young. Thank you for your walk with Robbie. We never know when our life’s experiences will show up to help other’s on their journey. Thank you for your compassion and your willingness. I love you, BraveHeart Woman.

  2. Wow, I’m extremely flattered to be one of your nominations, thank you!

    I’ve always thought my blog was too “messy” and/ broad which made me wonder if I should narrow down my topics more, but I like too many things equally so it’s tough to keep a consistent theme going on. I’m just relieved there’s an award for versatility that exists and people recognize it.

    Thank you again.

    PS – I use to idolize Punky Brewster as well. She’s a badass little punk. Srsly, how can people NOT at the time?

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