The Art Of Hoop Dancing

I have recently mentally immersed myself into a new and totally unexpected interest that will probably become my new hobby for the year. I never even knew what hoop dancing was until maybe a few months ago. I remember watching the video for Justin Timberlake’s song What Goes Around, Comes Around which features a fire hoop dancer and other fire performers at various points in the video and thinking, “How fricking cool is that?!”

More recently however, while I was at the Indy ScreamPark back in October, I saw a girl hooping with a lighted cosmic (LED) hoop, and then she started hooping with torches lit around them. She wasn’t just hooping like we all did when we were kids. She was incorporating all these dance steps and tricks into the mix and I hadn’t really seen anything it much before. I thought it was so cool. I knew at that point that was something that looked fun and I wanted to try it. That night, it was dark so I didn’t immediately recognize who was hooping, but I later discovered that the girl was an old friend/co-worker of mine from Pizza King. Her name is Laura. I hadn’t seen or talked to her in a couple years, so I looked her up on facebook and found out that she makes custom day hoops and sells them. I asked her about pricing and then did some research and found out that the hoops used for dancing are different than the kids toys sold a local stores. Dancing and performing hoops are usually a little bit larger and more weighted than toy hula hoops, so I decided to ask her to make one in my choice colors pink and black. I was able to meet with her yesterday and here is my first hoop that I will be using to practice with.

Thanks Laura! It will probably take me a few months to learn anything, and I hate that because I want to know how ┬áto do it all now. Apparently, hoop dancing is quickly emerging into the mainstream field of performance entertainment as well as a form of exercising. But before I get into all that, I probably just need to learn a thing or two first. So far today I spent about a half an hour getting comfortable with waist hooping and trying to walk while hooping. It appears my garage will have to be my practice space, since it’s January and all. Laura told me about this place that is a music venue and bar where they have hoopers get together and learn and practice on Monday nights, so I plan on getting into some of that later.

Laura doing her thing.

Browsing youtube, I came across this girl whose style and performance I really like.

Has anyone else had experience with hooping? Feel free to share.

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8 thoughts on “The Art Of Hoop Dancing

  1. Just found your blog. HI!

    I go to a music festival each summer (FLOYDFEST), sort of like a mild and older generation version of Woodstock? but not. Anyway, a few years ago when we started going, I was exposed to this artform. And just admired it. But this last spring decided I was tired of sitting on the sidelines and bought my own red and black weighted and BIG hoop. I practiced a lot and got a video and I love it. However, I never progressed past by two tricks; turning in a circle while hooping, and starting with it on my arms while hands in air and swirling down to my waist.

    I think I might try again. Now where is that hoop…….?

    Happy hooping!

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