Bad Humor

Right before my little hiatus, I wanted to post something that someone on a forum made a thread about a little while back. These are tweets from women about Chris Brown that have seemed to spark a bit of controversy around the internet.

Ok so I understand these were meant to be funny, but these are just distasteful in every sense of the word. I type of humor is just awful. Maybe the fact that the issue of domestic violence hits home to me, but that aside, these puns aren’t even funny. What is up with this mentality anyway? Does Chris Brown’s looks make up for the fact that he beat the woman he claims to have loved? Does it excuse the fact that he still obviously has anger issues and temper tantrums 3 years later? This is definitely not a turn on for me, no matter how good looking a guy is.

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4 thoughts on “Bad Humor

  1. Agreed! I’ve avoided saying anything on this simply because my anger to this ignorance reduces me to shouting gibberish words (in my head, not out loud.)

    But anyone who thinks that have an attractive “partner” makes up for getting punched in the face needs to have a reality check.

  2. Completely agree with you Ashley.I think these girls would change their mind if it actually happened to them, which I wish would never happen to any woman. They like to see everything as a big joke but if they ever went through it or was close to someone who has. I think they’d have better perspective.

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