My Worst Date Ever

I was going to create a post about this on another site but I decided to make this a blog post instead.

My worst dating experience, I’m going to estimate the time to be around 2004. I met this guy in one of my classes and he added me to facebook back when facebook was still primarily college students from selected schools. He was only in my class for a short time until he transferred out, but we still talked online. He asked for my number and we started talking over the phone too. A few weeks progress and he seemed really into me, but I wasn’t too sure how into him I was. To be honest, his profile threw me off a bit with the hundreds of photos at parties and many of them with different girls hanging on him and pics with beer in his hands. I had my doubts but I tried to think, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” He finally asked me out on an official date and I figured I could only give him a chance and see where it went. He said we’d probably go out to eat. That sounded good to me so I agreed to go out with him. That night he picks me up and we stop by his apartment which is on BSU campus first, I can’t exactly remember why. His roommate comes and and starts talking about some campus party that was supposed to be later that night. I assumed this would be after our date but then he asks me if I’d be up for going to this thing. I was like, um hmmm, suuure why not, actually thinking, “There’s a chance for this to be good or bad.” We hang out at his apartment for another half hour or so and then takes me through the McDonald’s drive thru….yeeeah I guess that was supposed to be dinner, and then we drive around town for a while. Meanwhile he’s going on and on talking about himself trying to make himself sound really cool, talking about all these trips he goes on, cars he has owned, parties he goes to, his frat buddies, blah blah. It all sounded really phony and cliche though. I mean how much money can a 21 year old college student have who works at the bookstore on campus that not his parents money?

We go back by his apartment again and then there are 4 other people there and I am hoping this “date” or whatever it was picks up for the better. They appoint a DD out of the group and we all end up piling into one car to go to this party, which turns out to be some girl I don’t know’s 19th birthday party. “Oh, goody!” There was a line to the door half way down the block where they were charging $5 for a refillable cup for the keg. I didn’t have any cash on me at the time and my guy didn’t even acknowledged to offer so I politely asked him and he panted like he was annoyed and like I was dumb for not having cash on me. “Sorry I didn’t know we were attending Buffie’s birthday kegger!” (I didn’t say that, but I was thinking that)

So we get in and there’s tons of people I don’t know which for an introvert like me, was uncomfortable for me to begin with. I know this might sound a little condescending but by that time I was already over the whole campus party scene with a bunch of underage binge drinking, just not for me. I would only want to attend if it was people close to me, otherwise I’d rather go to a bar. So anyway my guy doesn’t introduce me to a single person. I try to jump into some conversations with people who come up and talk to us, but my guy quickly forgets I am even there and starts going off doing his own thing. At this point I am thinking, “This is not a date at all.” When I hadn’t seen him in a while, I hear one of his friends say he took a few people to the liquor store because they wanted their own thing. He was gone for 30-45 mins.

He gets back and continues to act like he barely knows me so I just decide to forget him too. I started in on a game of beer pong and flippy cup and was terrible at it but at least it was entertaining for a little bit. Some time later I find him trying to dance up on this really drunk, overtanned, scantily clad girl that was gyrating like a stripper in the middle of the living room and I swear I could see drool coming down his face. I went over to him and said “When you find the strength to pry yourself from this skankaroo, I am ready to go.” He was like, “…are you mad at me?” I said, “Something like that.” A few minutes later we get back in the car and I ask him if he’s good to drive and he says yes but as we started driving I was a bit doubtful but we make it home safe and then in my driveway the weirdest thing happened. He suddenly lunges at me to hug me goodbye and tries to kiss me and I turn my head and he barely got my cheek. Then he says he’s sorry and reaches his hand back around my lower back and gives me a side hug and his hand grazed my butt and I was like “Ok! I gotta go, later!” wasn’t sure what had just happened but it just felt really messed up for him to suddenly try to touch on me after he had ignored me all night. I just didn’t get it. Was that a normal thing now?

Needless to say, I never spoke to him again and he never tried to contact me again either. I think he knows he made an ass out of himself. God that was the worst excuse for a “date” I have ever encountered. Maybe I should have trusted my instinct from the beginning.

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8 thoughts on “My Worst Date Ever

  1. LOL. I loved this story. Seriously though you should have ended the “date” after he took you to MCDONALDS!!! What a douche.

  2. Laughing so hard, I too had a first date that was supposed to be dinner then turned into, “Hey, you wanna drive through McDonald’s?”
    My most proud date moment had to be the bad first date averted – when I saw the pink faux-leopard fur covering every surface of his car’s interior I mumbled, “I don’t think this is gonna work out.” and booked it in the other direction. XD

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