Stupid Things Women Do

There are lots of things people do that I will just never really understand. Let’s start with the ladies.

When you say, “I’m fine.”
There’s a chance you might mean this, but most of the time when a guy asks you this, you are not fine and you were made even more not fine because he had to ask you this instead of knowing what he did wrong. Just tell him what your problem is and don’t expect him to already know. You are just setting yourself up for more disappointment. Men have be often be told anything in very plain English.

“Does this make me look fat?”
Why? Why ask this? It makes you seem so insecure.

Go to the bathroom in groups.
The only time I have done this is at a crowded bar or club and feeling like parting ways with my group even for just a few seconds will leave me vulnerable to being approached by man I don’t want to talk to. It’s happened to me before and it can be nice to have your team help you keep them away. Otherwise, I don’t understand why women have to go together to check themselves out and go, “Omg did you see what she was wearing?” or “Ugh I look like shit.”

Wear heels every day.
I’ve seen this where women overdress on a daily basis. They wear heels at the most inappropriate times and they almost always looks ridiculous. If you are going grocery shopping, you don’t have to pretend you are going to be walking the red carpet. We all know you are dying to get back into your sweat pants so don’t pretend like you are glamorous because you don’t fool anyone.

Continue to declare your love for your boyfriend in facebook statuses while none of his statuses are about you.
I see this all time. Everyday it’s “I love so and so forever!” or “Can’t wait to be Mrs. So and So” and you go over to his profile and his updates are “Gotta love those Giants” or “Goin to Bubba’s Bar after the game. Txt me.” You wouldn’t guess he was in a relationship with Miss Clingypants. In fact if you didn’t know any better, you’d assume he was single.

Try to change your boyfriend.
It’s like you take the first guy that bats his eyelashes at you. You think he’s cute enough but he’s got no job, has a drug or anger problem, and plays video games 24-7 and you think that he is magically going to change all this for you. He might change his underwear a few times through your relationship, maybe, but that’s all he’s going to change.

You obsess over ever calorie, torture, and deprive yourself. You go back and forth between that and saying “F___ how society wants me to look, I’m going to mow down on this cake!” Then you pretend your diet really starts tomorrow. Mmmkay.

Excessive contact with boyfriend.
Of course you love him, but why is it that after your evening with him, you text him before he even gets back home with how much you miss him and have a text session unless you fall asleep with the phone in your hand. Can you not go half a day without contact? Or even a whole day? If not then that’s just stupid. Take a breather from him. Don’t make your world revolve around him. You have a life too, remember?

I’m sure there’s more, but these are the main ones. Thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “Stupid Things Women Do

  1. Amen! Especially the dieting thing and the heels…right on, you said it perfectly. It annoys me so much when girls whine about how “fat” they are. A size 0-8 aren’t fat. They just aren’t. I hate when women need a men to feel like they have any self worth. Love yourself!

  2. I completely agree with the I’m fine part. We men are not very observant at times, so if we ask whats wrong it clearly means you are showing something is wrong. Faking will only complicate things like you said. You are also right on the plain English part, we don’t speak or understand womanese even though we are expected to. A lot of my blogging is about my issues and short coming with women because they aren’t clear in their intentions. I have just resolved to read a book about understanding them, because up to this point they make my life a living hell.

    • I think women are more intuitive and analytical people and they are always trying to read things between the lines, and they think men can do this as well. Maybe some can but most don’t or don’t care to.

      • True I have tried in the past but it just gets even more complicated an soon I was just caught up in a world wind of craziness an confusion. So I stopped an only deal with women who know to keep it simple.

      • “read between the lines” I find is another way of saying “looking for something more where there is none, so I made some up” a lot of the time.

        Just because you THINK you “decoded a hidden meaning” dosen’t mean that’s what actually happened.

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