Halestorm Live in Fort Wayne

A few months ago I found out my fav band, Halestorm, would be in Fort Wayne, In. on December 7th in participation to what is called The Electric Christmas Concert which funds go to charity. Fort Wayne is an hour drive, so I made plans with my bestie, bought tickets, booked a weekend hotel stay, made additional plans go dancing at the clubs and see a comedy skit while in town, and decided it would be an awesome time.

What I didn’t expect happened last Thursday. I won two passes from the radio to meet Halestorm at this concert. I decided to enter a contest on a whim and totally didn’t think anything would come of it. ┬áBut I was surprised with a phone call.

Friday night we went to the comedy club, dancing, and had a good time. Saturday we had to get to the venue an hour before the doors opened. We waited with all the VIP and fan club members which there was maybe around 40 of them.

Finally we get into a room where the band was and my best friend and I got to talk to them for a minute and get a photo with them and have them sign a photo. We weren’t allowed to use our personal cameras, but they had a photographer take our pictures and I am waiting on those to be posted and I will post it as soon as I get a hold of it.

I jokingly told Lzzy Hale that if I were to do a threesome with another female that I’d choose her, which got me a huge smile from her, a giggle, and then a high five. I mean, she’s gorgeous and although I am straight, I think she has the power to turn many women around, just saying.

Alright so being the first ones in the door to a sold out show of 1200, we were front row….













936541_647895155233655_2043447433_n^^^ My best friend, Monica! :)


They do so well live. Their energy and stamina is amazing and they have great sound. They are also great people. It was an awesome night and I look forward to seeing them again.

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