10 Things You Should Never Say To An Unmarried Woman

Wherever there’s an unmarried woman, you can bet she’s probably heard a few pieces of unsolicited advice about her love life.  For some reason, people love to concern themselves with the married or single status of women. Many people might not realize how inappropriate their comments are. Here are things that single and unmarried women get sick of hearing:

1. “So when is your boyfriend going to propose?”

This is kind of a silly question, is it not? How is she going to know when her guy is going to propose? This might be a question better left for the boyfriend.

2. “You can do better than this, your boyfriend is not exactly marriage material.”

Unless you have dated them yourself, you really don’t know how marriageable someone is. Insulting her boyfriend is also not the brightest thing to do, not to mention distasteful and rude.

3. “You should at least get married before you turn 35.”

Why? Because there’s no one left after that age? Completely untrue. Or is it so she can get married while she’s still “hot enough?”  That’s not shallow at all. A probable major reason marriages fail is because they are rushing into it with the wrong people.

4. “Why can’t you get a man?”

If a woman is single, it doesn’t mean that she can’t get a man. It might just mean that she’s content being without one. Believe it or not, many women prefer to be single.

5. “Don’t move in with him. If you do, he probably won’t marry you.”

There are pros and cons to cohabiting. It comes down to the fact that you know your relationship better than what anyone else is going to try to shove some cherry picked statistic in your face.  They don’t get to decide what’s best for you or whether or not you will get married, fortunately.

6. “Stop giving him the milk for free.”

A person’s sex live is their own private business and it’s not for anyone else to comment on unless otherwise invited. Besides, it’s a little more unrealistic to wait for marriage these days as the average marriage age is increasing.

7. “Either him or you must be afraid of commitment.”

Is it so hard for people to understand that some people just don’t believe in marriage for themselves? Why is it that when someone isn’t married past a certain age or point in their life, there must be something wrong? There’s more to commitment than getting married.

8. “But you deserve to be happy.”

You might want to consider that maybe they are happy. Not every women feels like she needs to be married in order to be a happy and functional human being. Times are changing and more women are learning how to find happiness and fulfillment in other areas of life.

9. “My husband has a single friend you would like.”

Yeah, don’t try to play match maker unless they say it’s okay with them. Otherwise, you are putting them into awkward and uncomfortable situations. Besides, you don’t want to be responsible if it ends up being disastrous.

10. “Aren’t you lonely?”

Many people can be alone without being lonely. And if they are lonely, congratulations, you just made it worse by asking them. You might just be trying to help, but consider how you would feel if you were asked this.



People who make these comments are often likely not trying to sound rude, but they aren’t probably thinking enough about their comments before they say them.  It’s always good to remember that not everyone wants to live traditionally, and that they can still be happy living life on their own terms.

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7 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Say To An Unmarried Woman

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Some of us are perfectly content and happy on our own, and who is anyone else to say that we are lonely or should get married? I’m from Utah, and due to deep religious influences, every 18-year-old girl seems to believe that it is her mission to get married off the moment she has that high school diploma in hand. It’s outrageous, especially to the still single, almost-19-year-old like myself. Love your blog! Care to check out mine? Downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

  2. Another one I can’t stand is something along the lines of, “You don’t know the true bond of a relationship until you are married,” as if there is some secret magical connection that comes only after marriage.

  3. Just reading these makes me so angry. I’ve heard most of these more than once. I hate the pressure. I’m perfectly happy just as I am. Stop making me feel like I should want more. Leave me be.

  4. Good things to think about. I used to ask girls something like, “You’re so pretty, how are you not married up yet?” Young and dumb, I was.

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