Lindsay Lohan Docu-Series & Addiction

Over the last several days I have been watching the Lindsay Lohan docu-series on OWN that started last month and finished with it’s 8th episode last week.

I decided to watch it, not because I am particularly interested in Lindsay Lohan herself, but because I am interested in her story. She came into the spotlight when she was a young child, straight out of a troubled home life. She grew up in the public eye and fell into the party scene as a young woman, which eventually lead to a  habitual substance abuse problem and other kinds of dangerous behavior.

Many of us have a partying phase in our teens and 20s, that we eventually grow out of  and escape without any life altering consequences.  However, not everyone is so lucky.  Lindsay isn’t an average woman with a problem. She’s a celebrity with many problems, trying to deal with them under the microscope of the public eye. She’s an actress that desperately wants to have a good career, but her career has been crippled by her drinking and her history of not showing up on time to scheduled work events. The docu-series, if you haven’t seen it, follows her as she tries to deal with the chaos of trying to move into her own living space, maintaining sobriety, and trying to save and keep her career. By the end of it,  I was pretty shocked to realize that she still probably has a shot at redeeming her career, if she plays her cards right.  Whether or not that happens, we don’t know yet.

The media and the public loves to have contempt and disdain for Lindsay, although more recently most of the focus is on Miley, but people are still harping on about what Linsday  is doing wrong in her life too. I used to be one of those people. I thought she was just some bratty actress that would do anything she could for fame. Then she got into some trouble and I didn’t quite understand how she can have so many different opportunities to learn a lesson and so many different people on her side trying to help her make better choices, and still keep screwing things up for herself. What I didn’t realize at the time was that she had a full blown problem with alcoholism, as well as other addictions to go along with it.

Okay, so yeah she’s has made mistakes and she probably will make more in the future. The thing is, I don’t think some people are taking into the account that battling addictions are very hard, and it’s going to take years of screwing up to get things right. After watching the documentary, I kind of realized that Lindsay is more of a normal person than I thought she was – normal in the sense that she’s a human being just trying to figure things out for herself. She’s also a victim of a lot of different things, and that has a lot to do with why she does certain things.

The good news is that she doesn’t have to always be a victim forever. With time and the right support, she can pull through it, but it will be hard for her. I don’t have a lack of respect for her, or people like her anymore. I have sympathy for her, and it’s obvious that she really wants to better herself and her life.

I say all this because I know people like her, and I see them struggle. I also see people who put them down and give them a hard time when they don’t deserve it. We are all human and we all screw up sometimes. That is not to say I agree with everything Lindsay did within the series. There were a couple times when I thought the way she talked to her assistant was a little out of line, and a couple other instances like that, but generally, I think people should give her a little credit and some space as well.

Another thing that really bothered me was that someone leaked Lindsay’s sex list. She made a private sexual inventory that was part of her rehab program. Someone leaked it to the public, and now of course, the world is slut-shaming Lindsay for  who and how many names were on that list. The fact that someone would do that to Lindsay  is pretty sick.

With everything Lindsay has gone through, I hope that she can push passed all of the bullshit that people are giving her and get back to her life the way she wants to live it.


What were your thoughts on the Lindsay documentary?

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7 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Docu-Series & Addiction

  1. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I think I did catch most of it. Lindsay sure does have issues but whoever posted her sex list was beyond shitty. That was supposed to be private to her. Anyways, she shouldn’t be ashamed of it at all, and I don’t think she is, so good for her.

  2. She was late to things a lot. It was like, she always had some excuse as to why she was late, and it was never her fault. Im not saying she was lying, but its just strange to see one person fall into so many different circumstantial excuses.

  3. I don’t know what it is about Lindsay Lohan, but I just adore her. I have followed her struggles and her career, prayed for her, and pretty much perceive her as a little sister. I don’t know how it’s all going to all turn out for her, but I’ve been cheering her on for years now.

  4. I haven’t watched it at all, but I know addicts/addiction ruins lives — and I especially hate to see parents strung out. Doing drugs is a choice, and people need to think about the consequences of their behavior, especially on people other than themselves. I know how hard it is to kick addiction too having witnessed it in my family (which is why I never had that partying phase – I knew better). Wish the best for Lindsey and I hope that she will inspire others to take a different path when they see her show.

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