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Girl’s Guide to Lose Weight In Three Weeks

Hey there. I know many girls want to get slim, and fast. If you want to lose weight in three weeks, this most likely means you have a reason, such as a wedding or a class reunion you want to attend.

Here’s what you need to know about losing weight quickly. When looking to lose weight in a short period, it means things can be done a little differently. It’s not a nutrition and exercise regimen to be followed for the long term.

Many people try to lose weight for the long term and keep it off, but use too many short term strategies. They may see results but they can’t keep it going and they quit. Or they get results and think they can go back to doing what they were doing, which is how they gained all the extra weight in the first place.

But if you know you are looking to maximize the results in a short period like three weeks then switch up your plan to one that you can stick with over the long term. That’s an entirely different story.

So what can be done when trying to lose weight in three weeks?

You’ll be combining a couple of nutritional approaches with a specific exercise protocol designed to boost your metabolism and maximize your calorie burn.

Week 1

For the entire week, eat as few carbohydrates as possible. Keep it to twenty grams or fewer. Be sure and get a lot of protein, as well as a significant amount of fat.

Your body is leaning to switch over from burning carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat instead. For those who eat a lot of sugar, the first few days of the switch may feel a bit like a hangover or having caffeine withdrawal.

Week 2

Time for some intermittent fasting. Let’s keep things simple. This means not taking in any calories between eight o’clock at night and noon the following day. All meals are to be consumed between noon and eight o’clock every day. Carbohydrates are allowed for this week. Keep them to a moderate level of one hundred to two hundred grams.

Week 3

For days one through four, go back to a normal eating schedule but eliminate carbs again like week one. For days five through seven, reintroduce carbohydrates and go back to intermittent fasting.

The nutritional approach above is explained in detail in the 3 Week Diet program.

Exercise Program

Stick to a basic, high intensity interval program. This means going all out on an exercise for a specific period and then resting for a short time.

The most common intervals in this manner are twenty seconds of exercise, followed by ten seconds of rest, or forty seconds of exercise followed by twenty seconds of rest and finally thirty seconds of exercise followed by thirty seconds of rest.

For three weeks, exercise every other day. Use workout “A” for one session and workout “B” for the next. Alternate these workouts.

Workout A

Perform each exercise for thirty seconds and then take thirty seconds of rest.

  • Bodyweight Squats (hold a dumbbell if this becomes too easy)
  • Bodyweight Push Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges
  • Bodyweight Push Ups

Depending on your level of conditioning, work up to four total rounds. You may only do one round the first time. If you can perform a second round, take a full two minutes after going through this before starting a second round.

Workout B

This workout is 10 minutes long.

Perform as many kettlebell (use a dumbbell if that’s what you have) swings as possible in ten minutes.

That’s it!

While this is a demanding nutrition and exercise program but it’s something that can be done for a short time period such as three weeks.

Put everything you have into it and you’re sure to be excited by the results!

What Can You Get With $100 For Your Home Gym?

I’ve always preferred to exercise at home. Not only do I get to exercise when I want to, I don’t have to spend time to travel to the gym. But the downside is any home gym owner has to put up cash up front to buy gym equipment.

As much as fitness brands spend much of their efforts advertising the latest and best products, a few people are actually moved by this. There is some level of excitement when people are told that with a small payment of $100, paid in six installments, one can achieve his or her dream body within a short period of time.

However, realistically, you do not have to spend that much money to get your ideal body shape and size. With a little research and patience, you can get the best and authentic products to use at the comfort of your home as opposed to expensive and unsure methods of getting fit.

Losing weight and getting fit should not be a daunting task. A number of people are hesitant to get their desired body due to the wrong perception that it takes more than you can manage. Perfect body fitness is attainable if you only commit yourself to the task.

All that is required for godlike beach body look is to use these equipment in the best combination, create a workout plan you can stick to, follow a diet like the Half Day Diet here, and begin your journey. Focus and perseverance is key for the ultimate physique.

Skipping rope1. Skipping rope

Traditionally, skipping rope is seen as an activity for young girls to have fun and spend time with friends. Interestingly, this can be your way to perfect health and body shape. Considerable time spent on skipping rope is equivalent to time spent in a gym doing cardiovascular exercise.

It ranges somewhere between $10-$15, a one-time fee, as opposed to paying for a gym subscription that must be renewed every month. This is not an easy task for beginners. Take yourself through intervals until you are able to skip for about 30 minutes non-stop.

2. BOSU (Both Sides Up) ball

This gives you the ability to do three workouts at a go. A cardio, strength and stability test. The ball is designed to challenge the three core aspects of your body through half-stable nature. It is set differently depending on the part you are working on. For a cardio routine, it is best used when the ball side is facing up. This way, you will use it as a bouncing step. On the other hand, flip the ball and use the flat side which should be facing up, as a stage for push-ups, lunges and squats. It is prudent to do ample research in order to get a good BOSU ball at an affordable price. At the current rate, you can buy BOSU for less than $30.

3. The step

This is also used in combination with the flat bench. The bench is mostly used for ordinary exercises. In addition to that, it is used instead of a plyometric box, a purpose also served by the step. These two equipment ranges from $35-$70. You need to consider your budget and workout purpose before settling on either of the two.

4. Dumbbells

Anywhere in the world today these are a must-have in the gym. Clearly, this is an indication that they work and perfectly serve their purpose. For this reason, why not have them? Their main advantage is their versatility. You can actually use them for any exercise you want, such as the Steve Holman method. Generally, body strength building is their principal work.

When shopping for this, the brand, weight, price and style must be seriously considered. For best results, it is imperative that you do the right sets for your age, health and body size.

5. Stability ball

These have been highly fashionable and recommended since the late 1990′s. A stability ball is essentially a large, inflated ball, with a diameter of up to 75cm. The wide diameter range is important because it helps cater for adults of all ages and sizes. Commonly, it is used to tone and build the abs. Fortunately, your workout is not only limited to that.

For best abs, place the ball between a wall and your back to harden wall squats or do perfectly-controlled push ups on it. Depending on your position, you can virtually do any exercise on this ball. At maximum, most stability balls fetch around $50-$75. Take time to shop around and get the best one for your height and weight.

My Tips to Effectively Get Rid of Extra Thigh Fat

Are your thighs a thicker than you would like them? If you’re like me, you want to have toned thighs that look both slim and slightly muscular, there are several ways to blast away the fat in just a few weeks without any added stress. Thigh fat is a problem for many girls, but if you follow the steps below and stick with a set routine, you can make plenty of progress in a decent amount of time.

According to Beta Switch by Sue Heintze, the fat around your things is stubborn fat. Burning stubborn fat requires a specialized kind of diet and exercise. My following tips isn’t the complete solution, but it’s useful to help you get started:

Start Squatting

If you want to get rid of the thigh fat, you need to do exercises that will target that area of your body. Squats are one of the most effective exercises for you to do. The best part about this kind of exercise is that you can do squats anywhere you want without any equipment, whether you are at home or at work.

You can start squatting by standing up straight, spreading your feet apart, and placing your hands straight out in front of you. After you are standing in the right position, you will squat down with your knees bent forward above your toes. You can hold your body in the squat position for a few seconds, return back to the standing position, and then repeat the process several times. It is best to do a set of 20-30 squats at time or as many as you can to see results.

Consider doing one set in the morning, one during your lunch break, and one before bed. With this schedule, you would be doing at least 100 squats each day! You’ll likely start to feel the burn and see the results soon.

Complete Sets of Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are great for getting rid of the extra thigh fat. You need to get on the floor, resting on either your left or right side. You should have your arm bent with your hand by your ear and one of your legs resting on top of the other one. Point your toe forward and lift the leg in the air, holding it in place for about five seconds before bringing it back down.

Consider doing a set of 30-40 leg lifts on each side. You may start to feel a slight tingling or burning sensation around the thigh area, but that is a good sign because it means you are doing the exercise correctly. You can even alternate between doing your leg lifts at a slow pace and then a slightly faster pace to switch things up at times.

Go Jogging Daily

Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise that can help you lose weight from all different areas of your body. If you are already doing squats and leg lifts, adding a bit of cardio can help improve the results you see after a few weeks. You can start jogging on the treadmill at an incline to challenge yourself and shed more calories. If you decide to go for a jog outdoors, consider choosing an area with plenty of hills and inclines.

Getting rid of thigh fat takes work, but it is not as difficult as you may think. If you begin jogging, squatting, and doing your leg lifts regularly, you can blast that fat away. Once you see your thighs getting thin and toned, you’ll get an extra boost of motivation!