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My Favorite Low Sugar Fruits And Vegetables

A lot of girls want to stay pretty and thin, so they avoid eating fat. But I found out that what you should really be avoiding is eating too much sugar. I don’t necessarily want to be pretty and thin, because I love eating cheat meals, but watching our sugar intake won’t hurt anyone.

People eat more sugar nowadays than ever, and forget eating it, they drink it, too! I’m definitely guilty of doing all of the above, and while natural sugars in fruits aren’t bad for you, it can be helpful to cut back and to know which fruits and vegetables are lower in sugar. Cutting back on sugars help you remain stress-free and if you are diabetic then you really can benefit from this information.

You think of fruits with natural sugars, but do you think of vegetables being high in sugar? There are some, and it does help to know which vegetables are the best to eat. Moreover, when it comes to both lists, low sugar fruits and vegetables, they are broken down into which ones have the lowest sugar content and so on and so forth. There are even vegetables and fruits that are alkaline. For example, some fruits that you can consider to have the lowest sugar content are blackberries, cranberries and raspberries.

Fruit Platter Blueberries and RaspberriesCranberries are good for you in so many ways. So are blackberries and raspberries, as they have so many helpful antioxidants. Have you heard of raspberry ketones? This is a popular natural weight loss supplement that people take, so maybe that would be helpful to diabetics trying to lose weight. Either way, raspberries are on the good fruits list.

What other fruits make the list? You’ve likely heard strawberries are on the list. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits out there. They can also be quite expensive at times. Personally, I like to dip them in chocolate, and if that’s your thing, you can use some dark chocolate, which is good for you and has much less sugar. You’ll want to make sure you look at the sugar content of the chocolate you buy, or you can leave it off and just eat the delicious strawberries by themselves.

Blueberries are also delicious and low in sugar. You can add them to yogurt, oatmeal or eat them solo. Papaya, peaches and cantaloupes are also on the list. I have to be honest. I didn’t expect peaches to be on the list at all. They seem like they would be loaded with natural sugars. However, they aren’t on the list of fruits with the absolute lowest sugar content. You can also have some of that delicious summertime watermelon.

Healthy Green Smoothie Drink

When it comes to vegetables that are low in sugar, you have plenty of options as mentioned. For example, there is broccoli, kale and cabbage. Kale is named one of the best super foods. Any leafy greens you can find are also a great option. If you think badly of leafy greens and think they are slimy, I used to think the same thing. Try cooking them a different way, with that beef flavor. They are much better that way.

As you can see, there are plenty of low sugar fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy. Focusing on whole fruits and vegetables more often is going to keep your sugar intake down anyway, but it is a good idea to know which fruits and vegetables are the best for you when you’re monitoring your blood sugar levels.