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What Can You Get With $100 For Your Home Gym?

I’ve always preferred to exercise at home. Not only do I get to exercise when I want to, I don’t have to spend time to travel to the gym. But the downside is any home gym owner has to put up cash up front to buy gym equipment.

As much as fitness brands spend much of their efforts advertising the latest and best products, a few people are actually moved by this. There is some level of excitement when people are told that with a small payment of $100, paid in six installments, one can achieve his or her dream body within a short period of time.

However, realistically, you do not have to spend that much money to get your ideal body shape and size. With a little research and patience, you can get the best and authentic products to use at the comfort of your home as opposed to expensive and unsure methods of getting fit.

Losing weight and getting fit should not be a daunting task. A number of people are hesitant to get their desired body due to the wrong perception that it takes more than you can manage. Perfect body fitness is attainable if you only commit yourself to the task.

All that is required for godlike beach body look is to use these equipment in the best combination, create a workout plan you can stick to, follow a diet like the Half Day Diet here, and begin your journey. Focus and perseverance is key for the ultimate physique.

Skipping rope1. Skipping rope

Traditionally, skipping rope is seen as an activity for young girls to have fun and spend time with friends. Interestingly, this can be your way to perfect health and body shape. Considerable time spent on skipping rope is equivalent to time spent in a gym doing cardiovascular exercise.

It ranges somewhere between $10-$15, a one-time fee, as opposed to paying for a gym subscription that must be renewed every month. This is not an easy task for beginners. Take yourself through intervals until you are able to skip for about 30 minutes non-stop.

2. BOSU (Both Sides Up) ball

This gives you the ability to do three workouts at a go. A cardio, strength and stability test. The ball is designed to challenge the three core aspects of your body through half-stable nature. It is set differently depending on the part you are working on. For a cardio routine, it is best used when the ball side is facing up. This way, you will use it as a bouncing step. On the other hand, flip the ball and use the flat side which should be facing up, as a stage for push-ups, lunges and squats. It is prudent to do ample research in order to get a good BOSU ball at an affordable price. At the current rate, you can buy BOSU for less than $30.

3. The step

This is also used in combination with the flat bench. The bench is mostly used for ordinary exercises. In addition to that, it is used instead of a plyometric box, a purpose also served by the step. These two equipment ranges from $35-$70. You need to consider your budget and workout purpose before settling on either of the two.

4. Dumbbells

Anywhere in the world today these are a must-have in the gym. Clearly, this is an indication that they work and perfectly serve their purpose. For this reason, why not have them? Their main advantage is their versatility. You can actually use them for any exercise you want, such as the Steve Holman method. Generally, body strength building is their principal work.

When shopping for this, the brand, weight, price and style must be seriously considered. For best results, it is imperative that you do the right sets for your age, health and body size.

5. Stability ball

These have been highly fashionable and recommended since the late 1990′s. A stability ball is essentially a large, inflated ball, with a diameter of up to 75cm. The wide diameter range is important because it helps cater for adults of all ages and sizes. Commonly, it is used to tone and build the abs. Fortunately, your workout is not only limited to that.

For best abs, place the ball between a wall and your back to harden wall squats or do perfectly-controlled push ups on it. Depending on your position, you can virtually do any exercise on this ball. At maximum, most stability balls fetch around $50-$75. Take time to shop around and get the best one for your height and weight.

Ashley’s Checklist to Stress-Free Living Tips

Woman Meditating for Stress Free LivingBeing a girl can be stressful enough. Being a girl in this crazy world is even more stressful! Women are expected to do more things compared to previous generations. Women are expected to be “supermoms” who can juggle a demanding career while also raising beautiful children and keeping a tidy home.

I’m all for women empowerment, but sometimes all those demands can get a little too much! It’s no wonder that women are less happy than in the 70’s. Some of that unhappiness is caused by biased media broadcast of how women are supposed to look and behave. But some of that unhappiness is caused by overwhelming stress – plain and simple.

As a young girl about to tackle on the world, you’re gonna need some serious secrets up your sleeves. In regards to handling the stress from multiple challenges coming at your face, here are a few tips I found to be helpful. Maybe you’re already practicing a few of them:

Have some space in the morning

. Maybe you’re not a morning person, especially if you’re still in college. But waking up early and taking some time before the morning craziness begins is good. Creating your space in the morning to pause is a good way to get ready for the day. When you give your body enough time to ‘wake up’, you avoid feeling pressurized into today’s activities.

Drink plenty of water after you wake up.

Keeping yourself well hydrated has real health benefits. Hydration keeps your body away from dehydration and inflammation. Inflammation can cause irritation, which in turn causes you to feel stress more easily. Make sure you drink enough water.

Meditate for ten minutes.

I recently read a book called “Head Space”. The main lesson I got from the book is that you don’t have to meditate for an hour to get the benefits. You can meditate for just ten minutes and you will still feel the benefits. Meditation regulates the energy in your body to prevent energy blocks from occurring. Energy blocks can make you feel easily irritable and stressed.

If you find it hard to do meditation, try doing EFT Tapping. Tapping is an alternative form of easier meditation that has the same benefits and perhaps even more. Join the upcoming 8th annual Tapping World Summit to learn more about how to do Tapping.

Take a minute to stop and breathe deeply.

The three checklist items above are great but it’s difficult to do them in the middle of the day when everything is hectic! In situations where things are busy, you can take a minute of time out. Pause what you are doing and breathe deeply for around one minute. This one tip alone can reduce your stress levels greatly so don’t underestimate what one minute can do.

The four items above are just a small checklist of easy to do items to help you feel less stressed. In a society as crazy as the one we live in, it’s becoming more important that women use all the potential they have. Because you know the men would go crazy if women aren’t around 🙂

Love Ashley xoxo